Are you ready?

We believe the "winning solution" to making the most open, inclusive and innovative Internet of Things is to transcend the short-term opposition between social innovation and security by finding a way to combine these two necessities in a broader common perspective. We do a SWOT analysis to see if you are ready for IOT and if so on what level you should focus.
  • We look at your backend and level of integration with wireless standards.
  • We look at what data you will be handling because of IOT that you cannot recognize as data now. This will determine whether IOT will be disruptive or facilitating for you.
  • We look at the new connections and relationships throughout the network you will be able to make once everything you possess, move around, keep, give away, stock has either an RFID chip, a 2D barcode or semacode or active tag.
  • We look at the amount of agency an end user has in your system. The higher the agency the more meaning will be traded.

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