Adam Blum: NFC on modern smartphones will finally usher in the age of the “Internet of Things”.

The Evolution of NFC: "As many of you know by now, we at Rhomobile are very excited about Near Field Communications. We see NFC as the single most important innovation in mobility since the creation of the modern smartphone as exemplified by the first iPhone. NFC on modern smartphones will finally usher in the age of the “Internet of Things”. Now that NFC devices are arriving, we see NFC usage exploding in four major phases:
  • Device to Device Communication: The initial phase of NFC usage will be sharing information between devices, being enabled of course by the coming explosion of NFC smartphones in the rest of 2011. Examples of this include Hashable for contact sharing and DoubleTwist for MP3-sharing.{C}
  • Tag Reading Apps: The next phase, gated on the availability of NFC tags being widely available from retailers and others, is NFC for tag reading to check prices, get product information, or even tourist information. Note that this tag reading can take place and be useful long before purchasing takes off in force.
  • Purchasing: Using your smartphone with NFC as your “electronic wallet” is the scenario talked about most often with NFC. For example, you could use your smartphone held near a payment device to pay your restaurant check, as made possible by Verifone and Micros Systems. And of course the purchasing scenario combined with NFC tags is even more compelling. It enables self-service shopping combined with a very fast and foolproof purchasing step, all enabled by each consumer’s ubiquitous smartphone.
  • Managing Objects: Once tags are available on all of these objects, driven by these previous two phases, a final phase can begin (that we haven’t seen discussed much): intelligent adaptation and management of everyday objects. Specifically most new products will be NFC tagged. This allows a whole host of new kinds of apps where the NFC tag on the object can enhance the smartphone user’s experience and productivity."
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