“what if you are very kind robbers?..”

This was one response by a lady driver after two hitchhikers in the centre of Budapest tried to get a ride with her. The hitchhiking in town scenario as a tool for evidencing innovative and creative scenarios of mobility in the city, was generated in the context of the RFID workshop by Rob van Kranenburg and Pawel Pokutycki. The key to that workshop was that if we look at it from our analogue point of view and in our current economic and democratic systems of fear, crisis and control The Internet of Things does not show great promise for more balance, more joy or more happiness. However, if we are able to look beyond ourselves, the real profit may lie in getting to know ourselves and our friends and enemies better and being able to live up fully to our potential if everything becomes a bit more transparent. Building trust in public spaces and everyday interaction is one of ways to do this. The Kitchen is having an open evening where this and other projects will be presented.Kitchen Budapest is offering guest researcher positions for dedicated professionals, artists, engineers, interested in the convergence of new media and actual spaces, cultural experiences, new communities, and are highly motivated to create such projects in teams.Preliminary results for the hitchhiking pilot:
  • it was fun, but pretty hard to stand at the side of the street (but the signs are helping a lot!)it takes some time to find the perfect spot (mostly at stoplights)
  • there is a big difference between Buda and Pest (people are more  trustful in Buda)we had to make an eye contact with every driver, and it is difficult to have feedbackit would be useful to have a “yes, i`ll take you“ sign for the drivers  to make it more effective
  • over all the drivers and their passengers liked our signs - some of them smiled and waved at us to tell how much they like the ideait was a big plus that the weater was perfect - to do this field trip in rain... well, it wouldn`t been so positiveit helps to be a girls when you`re a hitchhiker we think (it would be interesting to see, what is the respond for two guys hitchiking )

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