Confirmed speakers of Forum Europe Brussels show how IoT has matured

The 5th Annual Internet of Things European Summit will explore how the Internet of Things can help realise Europe’s policy objectives of the Future Internet. As always in any edition there are key speakers who are shaping the actual policy, industry and research and innovation agenda’s and programs. Up until now they have all struggled with the horizontal scope and width of IoT that spans all domains, all software defined applications and services and any product as that is inevitably handled in some supply chain process. Any analysis then has to allow for agency on treating IoT as a distinct spearhead of connectivity and acceleration as well as a horizontal operation that has an effect on all the organizational silos whether they are in policy, industry, research or innovation. The key word here is complexity friendly modeling; not hiding complexities or try to slow down or simplify the issue. The line up for this year’s event most certainly is able to bring clarity and complexity friendly scenarios that will help you in making high level decisions. Among many others:
  • Carl-Christian Buhr, Member of Cabinet for Vice-President Kroes, European Commission
  • Carlos Domingo, CEO, Telefonica R&D
  • Mario Campolargo, Director NET Futures, European Commission
  • Thibaut Kleiner, Head of Unit, Network Technologies, European Commission
  • Josep Ramon Ferrer, Director of Smart City Programmes, Barcelona City Council
  • Geoff Mulligan, U.S. Presidential Innovation Fellow on Cyber-Physical Systems and Founder, IPSO Alliance
  • Joseph Bradley, Managing Director, Internet of Everything Practice, Cisco
  • Gary Butler, Chairman & CEO, Camgian Microsystems Corporation
  • Cees Links, CEO, GreenPeak Technologies
  • Alicia Asín, Co-Founder and CEO, Libelium
  • Jonathan Steel, CEO, Change London
  • William Webb, CEO, Weightless SIG
Council is a Knowledge Partner to The 5th Annual Internet of Things European Summit

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