Co creating the Internet of Things with children: Towards Changing the Paradigm

Researches have showed that due to inadequate educational system, kids rapidly deteriorate their capacity of creative thinking. Therefore, schools need to develop projects that are more intuitively interactive, open source and smart. Helping schools to become more flexible and up-to-date with technologies, but informative about privacy and security, means helping kids to better understand the context of the environment in which they learn and live. Also, implementation of peer learning approach in education at schools means nurturing kids’ creativity in learning process.

Charalampos 'Harry' Doukas, Adrian McEwen, Steve Sparrow, Miles Hodkinson, Gisèle Legionnet-Klees, Serge de Beer, Ajit Joakar; Linda Keane

Seminar, September 20, London, UK


Marija Nikolic (SHARE)
Rob van Kranenburg (Council, Internet of People)
Ashley Hall Innovation Design Engineering Programme, School of Design, RCA

Royal College of Art - Battersea
15-25 Howie St
London SW11 4AS

Maxcap is 25-30. Register with nikolic.a.marija at and kranenbu at

Time 10: 1700
Agenda: 20 minutes presentations
10:00 10:15 introduction Marija Nicolic
10:15 10:40 Charalampos Doukas
10:40 11:05 Adrian McEwen
11:05 11:30 Miles Hodkinson
11:30 11:55 Serge de Beer
11:55 12:30 Discussion
12:30 13:30 Lunch
14:00 14:25 Rob van Kranenburg
14:25 14:50 Ajit Joakar
14:50 15:15 Gisèle Legionnet-Klees
15:15 15:40 Linda Keane (skype)
15:40 17:00 Discussion


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