Claire Swedberg: RFID Brews Up Valuable Beer Data for Restaurant

Oak & Stone estimates that 25 percent of its sales go to beer—as opposed to a common average of about 3 percent of sales—and now has RFID-based data indicating what demographics prefer which brands and beverage types, as well as when, all with a self-serve beer wall.

Aug 08, 2018—Restaurant companies often mine consumer data to make core decisions regarding how they can serve the specific clientele at each of their town or neighborhood locations, and sometimes whether those demographics will work for their services at all. In many cases, restaurants pay for data that may be based on polls not specific to their restaurant or the locations they are considering.
Oak & Stone has taken a different approach by leveraging passive UHF RFID technology from iPourIt for self-serve walls at the company's first two establishments. The restaurant chain has one establishment in Sarasota, Fla., with a beer wall that, for the past two years, has leveraged RFID technology to provide patrons with self-service capability. The data that the business can gather includes the demographics of beer and cider drinkers, including their age, gender and residential area. This data is linked to their beverages of choice, as well as how much they actually drink of each product.

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