Claire Swedberg: NFC, Biometrics Bring Security to Crypto Payment Card

Cryptocurrency startup Unikeys is employing Near Field Communication and biometric technology in its payment card, so that users can safely make payments with tokens from services such as Bitcoin without exposing passwords or other data to the Internet.

Aug 20, 2018—Hong Kong cryptocurrency solutions company Unikeys has partnered with security technology firm MeReal Biometrics to provide Unikeys' customers with a battery-powered fingerprint card that employs RFID technology, Bluetooth, a fingerprint sensor and acoustics to enable and secure payments at stores.
The UKey card is aimed at providing biometric authentication during cryptocurrency-based transactions. The exchange of digital assets, such as tokens, through cryptocurrency is gaining share in financial transactions worldwide, and some companies and banks are now striving to make these cryptocurrency transactions possible and secure in stores. The UKey card serves as a payment card in either contact or contactless modes, says Alexandre Tabbakh, Unikeys' CEO and co-founder, and enables secure cryptocurrency and token-based payments at the point of sale (POS).

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