Claire Swedberg: New Label Changes Displayed Price Data With Power from RFID

Jun 11, 2018—Powercast is releasing a new power-harvesting RFID label this year, known as the Batteryless Electronic UHF Retail Price Tag, that enables RFID-based updating of electronic paper (e-paper) information, such as prices for retailer shelves. The company is partnering with systems integrators that could develop their own solution for stores.

The "power-over-distance" wireless charging price tag has a built-in UHF RFID transponder and an e-ink screen, as well as Powercast's PCC110 Powerharvester chip. When interrogated, the label can not only follow a command sent by that interrogator—such as changing pricing information—but it also uses RF-to-DC power harvesting to enable those actions, says Charles Greene, Powercast's COO and CTO.

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