Cities Are Rapidly Taking on Internet of Things Technology

25/11/2018 - 16:05

In 2015, 61 percent of cities participating in a national survey project said they were considering the Internet of Things in their IT strategic plans. This year, that number reached above 90 percent.

It may still be an emerging technology, but in U.S. local government, the Internet of Things is everywhere.
According to survey data from the 2018 Digital Cities survey, a Center for Digital Government* project, 92 percent of cities participating in the program said they were considering the potential of IoT in their strategic planning.
That’s not necessarily a representation of all cities in the U.S.; the data simply reflects survey participants. But the trend in that question is undeniable — the annual project has been asking participants this question for years now, and since 2015, the percentage of cities answering affirmatively has risen from 61 percent to 92. That rose steadily each year the question was asked.