Ciara O'Brien: CES reveals role of internet of things in daily life

The internet of things (IoT) needs an open platform to flourish, Samsung’s Dr WP Hong told Consumer Electronics Show (CES) attendees, as he laid out the Korean firm’s plans for the future. “With all the hype surrounding IoT, it’s time for a reality check,” he said. “The age of IoT has begun.”

The company’s IoT strategy is to promote openness, interoperability and cross-industry collaborations, three pillars it sees as fundamental to underpinning the connected world.

“The future is a funny thing. We all talk a lot about it, we sketch it, we map it, we watch the trends. Then one day it’s here, it has become part of our lives,” he said. “Our industry has talked about IoT for some time. I can now say the future is today. The IoT is in sync with life, in sync with real life.”