Chunks Mui: A Text Message Can Be As Powerful As A Drug

Dr. Joe Kvedar read the letter from his primary care physician with disappointment. Kvedar was taking a statin drug to manage his cholesterol. The letter asked Kvedar to take a blood test before his upcoming appointment so that his doctor could discuss his condition and treatment plan. It made perfect sense—except that the letter arrived two days after the appointment.

This kind of thing happens all the time in healthcare but it is ironic that it happened to Joe Kvedar. Kvedar is not only a physician; he is vice president of Connected Health at Partners HealthCare, the Boston-based healthcare system that includes two of the most prestigious teaching hospitals in the world.

Kvedar is also the coauthor, with Carol Colman and Gina Cella, of The Internet of Healthy Things, an excellent new book that explores how information technology and the Internet of Things can revolutionize healthcare.

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