Christopher Sciacca: Enabling Things to Talk

Source: „Enabling Things to Talk is the title of a new book co-edited by IBM scientist Dr. Thorsten Kramp. It's goal is to make sure "things" and people speak the same language when it comes to the the hot topic know as the Internet of Things.
The book, available for free download, is a result of The Internet of Things - Architecture (IOT-A), a consortium of academia and industry funded in September 2010 by the European Union under the FP7 framework. It’s goal is to create an architectural reference model envisioned as the foundation for the Internet of Things -- the much-hyped idea of a globally interconnected continuum of devices, objects and things based on wireless technology, which includes everything from smartphones to sensors. The Internet of Things is the backbone of what has come to be known as Big Data.
Kramp and his colleagues have been developing technology called Mote Runner to make the Internet of Things easy of use, so his choice in the consortium was obvious.”

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