Christine Perey: The AR Standards Community

Some types of data generated by sensors and other intelligent, network-connected objects would be suitable for direct viewing, or provide useful context for driving valuable end user experiences through Augmented Reality-enabled platforms. One of the obstacles to exposing automated information "feeds" of this nature to large audiences is the lack of standards. Current AR platforms, even the open source projects, are balkanized technology silos, forcing information suppliers to support multiple, proprietary formats for "players" that only reach small audience segments. 

The AR Standards Community is an ad hoc group of people seeking to accelerate adoption of Augmented Reality through the development of open and interoperable data formats and interfaces for AR-ready content and experiences. Since 2010, community members collaborate with a wide variety of Standards Development Organizations (SDO) and relevant industry groups that build or provide open interfaces and building blocks for AR experiences with a special emphasis on detecting complementary as well as overlapping work. The meetings provide a neutral/grass roots driven environment in which leaders can coordinate activities, and members, including AR developers and stakeholders worldwide, can provide inputs to SDOs and industries interested in open and interoperable AR. The open community’s resources, public mailing lists and meeting archives are available here.
Reports about developments on standards for open AR are issued during each meeting. The most recent community meeting in Barcelona, on March 1-2 featured status updates from the Khronos Group, Open Geospatial Consortium, Web3D Consortium, MIPI Alliance and ITU (MPEG). Subsequent sessions focused on the AR Reference Model, AR Glossary and challenges facing AR developers including use of 3D models, medical instruments, and designing for hands-free platforms.  
More information on the Eighth AR Standards Community meeting is found here.
Videos are being posted to the community's YouTube channel.
The upcoming community meeting in New York City will be hosted by the Computer Graphics and User Interfaces Group at Columbia University on May 29-30, 2013.
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