Christian Cawley: Isn’t It about Time the Internet of Things Lived up to Its Promise?

Too often we’re told that the Internet of Things will revolutionise everything. IoT devices have been widely available for half a decade now, yet there is no sign of them breaking through and fulfilling their promise. Sporadic use across smart homes, new smart offices, healthcare applications and more does not look like a brave new era for technology.

So when is the Internet of Things going to get its act together?
Increasingly, Internet of Things devices are being used across industry, science research, healthcare, and even retail, and government. They’re usually a world away from domestic IoT devices, but ultimately, the purpose is the same: inter-connectivity and the exchange of data. Collected from user interaction, sensors, actuators and other components, by 2020 it is estimated that data will be amassed from 30 billion objects. That’s a massive amount of data on a daily basis.

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