Caroline Gabriel: Jasper, M2M, Policy servers and 'preferred apps'


Source: "Policy management has been increasingly vital to carriers' strategies to control the mobile data surge and turn it into a profit engine rather than a burden. Policy servers enable operators to identify different types of traffic, prioritizing high value packets and offloading others. Now similar thinking is being applied to the coming explosion in machine-to-machine data, as seen in the latest move by Jasper Wireless, the largest independent M2M platform provider. It is investing in the policy server from Tekelec, in order to assign different priorities to traffic across the internet of things.
Jasper is challenging Ericsson and others to be the leading platform for managing carriers' and enterprises' embedded devices, which will explode in number over the coming years with the increasing trend to put wireless communications into every gadget and sensor. These will require different treatment according to application, explained Tekelec - for instance, heart monitors would take priority over fitness gadgets in a medical system, while surveillance cameras might require constant availability more critically than vending machines."

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