Caroline Bennett: A Tech Great Takes a Swing at the Internet of Things

Source: „One of the most buzzed-about topics at this year's Consumer Electronics Show was the "Internet of Things," and few companies seem more aware of that than Qualcomm . The company that blew its keynote out of the water last year came back with even crazier plans for the future. While it might seem more exciting than ever to be a part of Qualcomm, the company is also about to experience some changes in its executive leadership. What should investors think about all this hoopla?
It's safe to say that Qualcomm has put its chips in a number of pots this year. For starters, its new Snapdragon 802 model is a system-on-a-chip aimed at taking over the "Internet of your living room," so to speak. The HD processor is meant to power smart televisions, smart set-top boxes, and smart digital media adapters, and allows users to play as many as four HD videos at once, on the same TV no less. Basically, it's designed to turn your living room into something straight out of the Home of the Future.”