Carlos Watson: The New New Thing: The Internet of Things

Source: „Because the hottest new thing in tech isn’t social networking. It’s the Internet of things: networks of interconnected devices that communicate with each other.
Here’s a phrase you’re about to hear a lot more of — if you haven’t already: the “Internet of Things.”
Why? It’s about to be the next big thing. What does it mean? It’s not just computers and phones that are linked up to the Internet — it’s your stuff: refrigerators and glasses and trains and buildings.
The buzz about the Internet of things really took off earlier this year, when Google acquired smart thermostat and smoke alarm company Nest for $3.2 billion. What else is a member of this new club? Wearable devices like the Fitbit and Nike FuelBand trackers that monitor our physical activity and store that data in the cloud, Google Glass and more. But the surprising twist is that the big money in this next big thing may lie in a slightly less sexy arena than you’d think. The real future of devices that talk to each other may lie not in Google Glassholes (pardon the French) but in smart-ifying, formerly clunky industrial companies.”

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