Bruce Sterling: Design Fiction: Superflux, Internet-of-Things Academy

Wired: *This stuff is in a space by itself. There’s something eerie about it, like it might crumble underfoot and the fragments might hurt somebody. “IOTA’s development was part of Sony’s FutureScapes project, a foresight initative organised and produced in collaboration with London-based sustainable development group Forum for the Future.

Superflux began contributing to the project in September 2011, with Anab attending a series of workshops which the FutureScapes team had organised to bring together a group of contributors from business, environmental advocacy, strategy and design. Building on conversations and groupwork from these initial sessions, Sony and Forum for the Future worked to detail and populate a set of four scenarios for the world of 2025 – focusing on key issues around sustainability, technology, and innovation.
“Collaborating closely with Forum for the Future’s Hugh Knowles, alongside others, we were asked to turn our attentions to the ‘Shared Ownership’, one of the four scenarios that emerged from these workshops….”

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