Brad Dicks: What is The Internet of Things?

Source: "In the not too distant, two-thousand-and-teens of tomorrowland you jump in your car and begin the commute home after a long day at work.
As you turn the key, your dash screen lights up with the preset heating, audio entertainment and GPS options sent from your smartphone as you left the office. Your watch beeps with a notification that a sensor in your newborn baby’s crib has detected movement and sound, alerting you that your little bundle of joy is now awake in your home across town. Soon after it appears, it is cleared as your significant other answers the alert and you continue as normal.
You’re in the grocery store and an app on your phone pops up a layout of the aisles and products. Small indicators on this map guide you to ingredients your partner has asked you to pick up. They’re needed to make that awesome tuna casserole he scanned from the paper that same morning. You take a picture of the first item and the app tells you it’s actually 50 per cent off if you scan the coupon at the checkout."

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