automated tool rental toolbot

28/01/2020 - 09:24

automated tool rental „toolbot

The winner of the IoT-EPI Challenge 2017 is now called toolbot and started a beta phase in Berlin last year. Power tools can be reserved on the website and picked up in Berlin in late shops. The startup wants to validate the market before the roll-out and answer various questions about the IoT rental business with new game rules: which tools are in demand, how long will devices be rented if they can be picked up and returned at any time of the day, and what maintenance costs will actually be incurred? In addition, technical developments such as tool connectivity, a gateway and completeness detection in the tool box are also being tested in the field, which should make lending easier and cheaper in the future. In the future, the stations will be located in public spaces and should also be able to run independently. The beta phase is financially supported by toom DIY stores, which want to use toolbot to get closer to their customers by using it as a distribution channel for building and wear materials, and Bosch Power Tools, which is investigating rental as a possible new business area.

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