Arne Jansen

Arne Jansen graduated cum laude at K.U.Leuven obtaining a master's degree in Communication Science. To gain a practical perspective in his field of study, he went on to do a master’s in Communication & Multimedia Design at the MAD-faculty in Genk. In both masters Arne put a strong focus on Human-Computer Interaction and user experience. He became especially interested in The Internet of Things. Arne is drawn to the broader social context of The Internet of Things, not only because he believes it has the potential for making the world a better place but also because he is fascinated by the possible negative outcomes of this future. While it is important to dream of what an ideal future of networked everyday objects and smart sensors might bring, Arne believes the time has come to put these dreams to the test. This is exactly what he is doing as a user experience design researcher and consultant to help make The Internet of Things as good a user experience as possible.