Antonio Jara: IoT Everywhere: Towards smart objects everywhere

IoT Everywhere: Towards smart objects everywhere, Belfast, Northern Ireland,  December 2-5, 2014          

Workshop Goals: The IoT is defining an ecosystem, where it is not only a network to transfer data, else IoT also is interconnected with Big Data and Cloud Computing to provide intelligence, in order to be able to understand the behaviors, and even define control/actions, through Cyber Physical Systems, according to the information captured by the smart objects that are able around the emerging smarter cities.

The ecosystem figure presents the general architecture of the IoT ecosystem, where the data coming from the Internet of Things and Smarter Cities is integrated into the Cloud Computing.

The presented flow is enabling the interaction between the cloud and the humans, who are starting to be more actives and more participative with the processes that are happening in their cities, workspaces and living areas.

The cloud is taking care of the centralization of the data of each sensor and object, allowing them to interact and communicate between them through the creation of a ubiquitous network and solving the interconnection problem.

The cloud is also enabling the integration of Big Data analysis in order to reach understandings of behaviors, determination of patterns, and extraction of knowledge from the data.

Finally, as a result and the cross integration of all the technologies, a new level of control and feedback mechanisms are being developed in order to enhance the processes.