Antonio Jara: IEEE GLOBECOM'13 Call for Papers - Internet of Things Track

This track aims at gathering researchers and developers from the fields of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Machineto-machine (M2M) communications to discuss the future technologies and research challenges associated to new  applications and services bridging the physical and virtual worlds, with End to End / M2M protocols and Cloud computing and things internetworking.

Source: "The Internet of Things is a key enabler for the realization of the new oneM2M  initiative as it allows for the pervasive interaction with/between smart things leading to an effective integration of information into the digital world. These smart (mobile) things - which are instrumented with sensing, actuation, and interaction capabilities - have the means to exchange information andinfluence the real world entities and other  actors of a smart city eco-system in real time, forming a smart pervasive computing environment. The objective is to reach a global access to the services and information through the so-called Web of Things and efficient support for  global communications, in order to embrace the machine to machine (M2M) communications in the future Internet of Things composed of IPv6 network and various smart things.
This track will also address further issues such as the  adaptation of legacy technologies and RFID to IPv6 and the Future Internet of Things, security and privacy requirements in Smart Cities and the design of a secure and privacy-aware Internet of Things as well as the definition  of new advanced architectures and models for the Internet and its application to smart livable Cities."

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