Am I secure?

SocIoTal provides key enablers for a reliable, secure and trusted IoT environment that enable creation of a socially aware citizen-centric services.

This website is the main entrypoint/hub for all the available SocIoTal APIs.

The SocIoTal Integrated Platform instance In order to properly run the SocIoTal Test APK, we require an instance of SocIoTal Integrated Platform that includes, at least:

  • SocIoTal IdM, to support new user creations, identifications and authentications
  • SocIoTal Context Manager, to keep devices and manage provided context information
  • SocIoTal Commuities Manager, that allows the user to create and manage communities, as well as assign users and context entities to these communities In order to enhance the user experience when working with SocIoTal Integrated Platform, we will use its
  • SocIoTal Web User Environment that provides a simple user interface to create and execute most of the actions required to run the use case while makes easier the presentation layer.

Other SocIoTal components (trust manager, Security Framework, SocIoTal Enablers…) can be linked to this scenario to expand functionalities or to create a different one. This is up to the user imagination.
SocIoTal project provides the user with a complete cloud instance of its Integrated platform, able to support all the methods, functionalities and capabilities required for this use case, as well as all those documented in the SocIoTal WiKi for all SocIoTal Components.

The SocIoTal Integrated Platform to evaluate components and build applications.

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