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Recently Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying outlined the three principles of the pilot project to develop a smart city in Kowloon East, Hongkong. The first is access to free WIFI and interactive city platforms, the second is green technology and the third is to really absorb public opinion and take public perspectives into account; i.e co-creation. As a first pilot based on those principles, the city choose to install smart traffic lights and improve the pedestrian environment "with a view to facilitating walkability and mobility". Driving these principles id the vision that "In open systems, technology does not prescribe, but coordinates." link

In this direction, SocIoTal has developed a set of co-creation workshops in Santander and Novi Sad with the aim of creating and improving the final use cases that will be implemented at the end of the project in form of city pilots. These co-creation sessions were coordinated by Nathalie Stembert, author of Participation and Co-creation Public Domain STT (Sept, 2011) Delft University of Technology, department of Industrial Design, and her dynamic allowed involveme,t of citizens encouraging them to participate in a friendly way. This way, they felt free to provide new and valuable ideas to the use cases.

Here is an example.

Conclusion: Bring in citizens as early as possible in the process!

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Our research responds directly to recommendations that call for business models to be “further analysed so that lessons learned from these case studies can inspire, and inform entrepreneurs and other publishers”.

 is an online webplatform that started from real needs of citizens in the neighbourhood. It brings stakeholders together. It addresses issues. It gives local business a platform. It also envisages input from 'Devices' (see the box). Mijn is an existing, living ecosystem that aims to bring cohesion, communication and new opportunities to neighborhoods. They have ten thousands of people involved. In 2015 SocIoTal and Mijn buurtje held a joint workshop in the CAPS Conference in Brussels. Early 2016 we had a first technical session in Santander with the UC team. Mid 2016 in a third meeting in Nijlmegen with engaged developer Tom Collins (part of a co-creation workshop in Novi Sad and co-organizer Meetup Ghent) and Mijn buurtje developers we focused on implementing the service tracking of (dementia suffering) elderly persons. Together we aim to construct a Stakeholder Toolkit of an internet of neighborhoods, moving away from the smart city metaphor in a joint application for the Dutch funder SIDN (Marc 2017)