Alistair Houghton: Hi-tech workspace DoES Liverpool pioneers new ways of working

7/06/2013 - 11:22
Source: "It was surprising no-one at shared workspace DoES Liverpool had created a robotic birthday cake to mark its second anniversary – but it’s probably just a matter of time before someone tries it.
DoES, based in Gostins Building in Hanover Street, offers desk and workshop space to hi-tech start-ups and anyone working in the digital sector. The building is home to several pioneers in the world of the “Internet of Things” who are finding new ways to link everyday objects to the internet and to each other. And they are practising what they preach by giving DoES some of the most hi-tech, yet quirky office adornments around.
The centre’s central heating system can be controlled online by tenants, so the office is the perfect temperature when they get to work. Even the coffee pot is connected to the internet.
Co-founder Adrian McEwen said: “It sits on a set of hacked bathroom scales, which publish how low or heavy the coffee pot is on the internet.”