Alex Bassi: Internet of Things: from 'owning' objects to 'using' objects

Source: (IoT-A Newsletter 4): "Internet revolutionized the "old style" business models. IoT can bring a similar revolution. Full traceability of goods can be the key of "IoT-enabled" business models. While so far the accent was mainly put on privacy concerns, we can look this issue from a different point of view. Given that security issues and privacy is respected, having full traceability allows the development of service offering, rather than ownership. For instance, cars can be replaced by transportation services, and sharing and pay-per-use schemes can be applied to a common set of cars. It’s a few step further the current rent-a-car, and initiatives such as Zipcar and WeGo are going towards this direction. As a long-term vision, it could even lead to a "more sustainable" consumerism, as “owning” an object could be replaced by “using” it.


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