Alex (acme) D’Elia: DAJIE ltd, Internet & Energy Distribution for the Third Industrial Revolution

22/08/2016 - 17:37

DAJIE aims at producing a standardized solution to address energy and value exchange between peers in a “Community Micro-Grid” by acting as a middleware between said consumers (prosumer) and the utilities, without invading consumer privacy while preserving reliability of the grid operators and enabling direct peer-to-peer communication and exchange of data. Thus producing a win-win-win situation for all the partners involved, the prosumer, the grid operator and the opposite peer.

The project has evolved into the new PROSUME value proposition.

PROSUME application so far encompasses six successful use cases (TRL 7-8, a ~2000-people strong community) of DLT as means for decentralizing processes related to global sustainability challenges, contributing to five Sustainable Development Goals in total.
A large scale adoption of PROSUME digital infrastructure can play a key role in accelerating the EU target of at least 27% renewable energy sources share in final energy consumption by 2030.
PROSUME is a ready-made digital infrastructure for the European Green Deal in the energy sector.

Original Whitepaper read here in pdf.

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