Alessandro Bassi: Internet of Things: a Reference Architecture Jungle Survival Map.

Learn With The Best
Saturday, January 16th / 10am-6pm EDT

We all know that too many standards means no standard. So, why in the Reference Architecture field every Standardisation Institute or alliance is developing and/or promoting a different standard?

The IoT_A project, funded by the European Commission, was the first attempt to try to give to this filed a Reference Model and a Reference Architecture, back in 2010-2013. However, since then, there has been a sequence of efforts in this field, from “de jure” (such as IEEE P2413 or ISO/IEC 30141) or “de facto” (such as the Industrial Internet Consortium).

Considering as well that all major corporations are in most of these efforts, is there a need for all this replicated effort? Or actually, all these RA are complementary and referring to different aspects, so that only the title is the same for confusing non-esoteric people? 

Therefore, the goal of the talk is to explore all different efforts and to see the convergence, the synergy or the conflict between different groups, and give the audience the tools for deciding which RA (if any) to choose for any specific IoT project they want to run.

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