Ajit Jaokar: Highlights and developments to watch from Mobile World Congress 2016 which will impact IoT analytics in future.

I have attended the Mobile World Congress for the last 7 years (5 of them as a speaker/panelist).

This year, I did not go. Partly, this is reflective of my change in business focus (to Data Science for Internet of Things course).

But, also I believe that today, MWC does not reflect disruptive innovation.  The show has more than 100,000 participants but we do not see fundamental game-changing innovations likeDeepmind – Go from Google last week.
Thus, in keeping with my current focus, this blog highlights developments to watch from MWC 2016 which impact IoT analytics. From an IoT / IoT analytics standpoint – the Telecoms industry would only play a major role with  5G(beyond 2020) ex see The rise of 5G: the network for the Internet of Things  and The plans for 5g to power the Internet of Things