Ageing population and IoT: turning challenges into opportunities

As the social and economic implications of an ageing population in the EU are increasing, we need to find ways to face these challenges and to try to turn them into opportunities. Innovative approaches have to be developed to enable people to maintain an autonomous lifestyle when growing older and to offer them possibilities for an active and fulfilling life. 

Technological and scientific solutions arising from the Internet of Things (IoT) in smart cities, smart buildings and smart homes, as well as from smart objects and wearables to be used for preventive health applications, can play a decisive role in addressing the challenge of demographic change. However, people don't want or cannot deal with complex installations, and for these reasons we need open and interoperable affordable platforms and devices from different vendors, which are based on a 'Plug and Play' principle. IoT technology will be a key solution to develop personalized intuitive smart services (human-centered designed) for an ageing population. This is a new whole market offering business opportunities. 
Willing to advance and contribute to the ongoing discussion, the AIOTI invites academia, industry, policy-makers and users for an open and interactive debate.

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