Aaron Cohen: Should Restaurants Replace Humans with Technology?

"Flippy”—the world’s first burger flipping robot—launched March at a Caliburger restaurant in California. Capable of grilling 150 burgers per hour, the robot was praised for being cost-effective, efficient and able to safely and consistently prepare food for the restaurant’s guests. The robot was designed to take orders through a digital ticketing system, then automatically flip the burgers and remove them from the grill. Flippy uses thermal and 3-D sensors, cameras and digital ordering systems to detect every step in the process, such as when the raw burgers are placed on the grill. Then the robot monitors each burger throughout its cooking process. While Flippy can expertly (and automatically) handle the burger flipping, its human coworkers still need to place the patties on the grill, put on the toppings (cheese, lettuce, sauce), and wrap the burgers for guests.

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