4th Edition R2R, Automation and Robotic Process Automation Strategy

Automation and Robotic Process Automation Strategy Conference

13-15 May 2019
Amsterdam, Netherlands

This marcus evans event is about using automation, RPA, AL and best practices to make the R2R process less costly and more efficient.
Maturing technology with RPA, AL, ML, Automation and nice visualization tools enables SSC leads, F&A Leaders, and R2R Process Owners to transform the way finance function is managed, a re-invent a lot of processes, and roles with new robotic or automated processes, thus cutting costs and reducing headcount, as improving a quality and decision-making.

Learn from Key Practical Case Studies:

• Syngenta on pro-active accounting to re-engineer the close process
• Henkel discussing experiences with R2R and controlling
• ABB showcasing the importance of master data
• Philips sharing experiences on R2R journey
• Fresenius implementing IFRS 16
• TNT dealing with robotic process automation

Special offers for The RPA Academy members using code CS125-RPA when registering for this event:
• 2 day conference: -$200
• 2 day conference & 1 workshop: -$250
           (Not apply for solution providers and consultants)

Interested? If you feel that you are a good fit for this conference please visit the event website: 
For more information simply send an email to YiotaA@marcusevanscy.com

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