The 2021 State of Co-Creation 

20/04/2021 - 08:41

Written by Charlotte van Ooijen, senior research fellow, Francesco Mureddu, director at the Lisbon Council and the 27-member Co-VAL Stakeholder Panel, the policy brief analyses the findings of the Co-Creation Dashboard, a unique online tool for collating and mapping key initiatives on digital government and co-creation across EU member states, the United Kingdom and leading municipalities.

Among the key findings: 

“Monitoring” turns out to be a transversal challenge, since there is a lack of available data on important actions in all aforementioned key areas, such as formal requirements for co-creation (policy), the actual use of available application programming interfaces (APIs) and service modules adoption by local authorities (interoperability and reuse), the uptake of eID and the number of co-creation exercises (collaboration) and the number of digitally skilled public servants (skills).