2005: RvK This ability to determine what is data and what is noise will be the key to European success

20/10/2020 - 08:25

....A European solution could be to design the corporeality of the home setting by using pervasive computing, domotics and the principle of bystander intervention. The strength of the use of ambient intelligence in i3 projects such as LiME is that it foresaw the principle of company and personal dashboards8 by creating community dashboards. 

Community dashboards embed the principle of bystander intervention as everyone in the community becomes an interested party. 

Community dashboards, embedded local city and town environments are not closed loop designs. The pervasive loop breaks down with human response This means questioning the notion of seamless design. There is no such thing as seamless transition in hybrid situations. Aiming for the development of middleware to somehow create this seamlessness on a different level is an intrinsic impossibility. 

We urgently need creative ways to fund productive (now dead) projects such as LiME9 that suffer from the multidisciplinary approach that helps them in the creative phase but mangle them in the end as no single party is able to develop it further. Above all we need creative alliances that will accept a slow money return on investments in favour of a relatively stable prosperous free diverse market. 

So where is Europe hiding?