The ‘IoT Catalogue’

The ‘IoT Catalogue’ aims to be the whole-earth catalogue of the Internet of Things (IoT) - the one-stop-source for IoT innovations and technologies to help IoT stakeholders to take the most advantage of the IoT for the benefit of society, businesses and individuals. The ‘IoT Catalogue’ is thus the hitchhiker's guide for the Internet of Things - a standard repository for knowledge and technology on the Internet of Things.

The ‘IoT Catalogue’ is a web-based catalogue from where to pick & choose IoT solutions; it is an explorer of innovations in IoT applications and technologies. It aims to be single entry point of support to IoT developers/integrators/advisors/end-users in the process of identifying and selecting IoT technologies (ranging from complete end-to-end solutions to tools and components/parts) but also inspecting a wide set of IoT use-cases, their validations, associated contact persons/organisations, detailed characterisation (value propositions, ICT problems, functions, target, domain), supporting technological solutions, and much more.

A key purpose of the ‘IoT Catalogue’ is enabling users to explore IoT solutions based on domain-related value propositions and/or ICT problems described on use-cases defined along applications domains. The ‘IoT Catalogue’ also enables users to inspect solutions and technologies from other domains that might fit to their intents or analyse use-cases similar to their projects thus promoting synergies and reusability between application domains.

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