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Bengaluru: Apartment complex cuts water use by 50% in months

25/03/2019 - 05:31

BENGALURU: Through a three-pronged strategy of installing water-flow meters, reusing treated water from sewage treatment plants (STPs) and implementing a rainwater harvesting (RWH) system, The Greens, an apartment complex in Doddanekundi near Marathahalli, has managed to reduce its water consumption by over 50% in six months. The model can easily be replicated in other...

Technology Time Machine - Gauging the Future

25/03/2019 - 05:30

The IEEE Technology Time Machine is the IEEE’s flagship conference on future technology directions. Organized by the IEEE Future Directions Committee (FDC), an incubator for emerging technologies, Technology Time Machine covers a wide synergistic range of business, social, political, and educational areas. The event is geared towards industry leaders, government officials, scientific innovators,...

David Nield: I Tried Google Maps' Experimental Walking Directions of the Future

25/03/2019 - 05:28

The perfect scenario for Google’s new Visual Position System, or VPS, is one you’ve probably been in already: Emerging from a subway station in a strange city. You’ve got your route planned out on your phone, but you don’t know which way is which, or the names of the roads—if you set off in the wrong direction initially, you can lose...

Raipur Municipal Corporation saves 15 percent electricity bill by installing timers on street lights

24/03/2019 - 16:33

Raipur Smart City Limited has installed timers on the street lights enabling automatic switching. This has led to around 15 percent reduction of electricity bill for Raipur Municipal Corporation (RMC). According to RMC, the installation of timer has resulted in the reduction of the monthly...

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Matteo Gazzurelli
Entrepreneur, Technology Enthusiast. With a degree in Math, he has enriched his studies with various courses and experience abroad, also at CERN in Geneva. He is an expert with iBeacon, Bluetooth and IoT technologies. He always spends time learning the technologies of the future. He...
Zahra Khani
Zahra is the founder and CEO of Firmalyzer SPRL, a Brussels-based company specialized in providing security solutions for IoT/connected devices. Their key product is the first automated firmware security analysis solution for IoT device vendors, security labs and enterprise device users. They...
Vera Kozyr
Serial entrepreneur, technology evangelist. I have SW engineering background, I started my career in Motorola mobile devision. After that joined Yota as Product director where I co-invented and developed the world’s first dual screen smartphone with E-ink display. At the moment I’m the CEO...

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