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Tech Trailblazers Award winners announced

24/02/2020 - 16:10

London, UK and San Francisco, CA, USA - February 24th 2020 – The Eighth Edition Tech Trailblazers Awards winners were announced today, recognising outstanding early-stage companies across 10 major enterprise technology categories alongside three additional special categories. For the third year running, the Security category attracted most entries, having first overtaken the Cloud category in 2017....

Beyond Jason Bourne - For what would you need a Disposable Identity?

24/02/2020 - 16:01

Call for use cases ideas for Disposable Identities. The Need: The goal is to take back the power and control of your own identity and to keep big cooperations and governments from profiting off of it. We need a multistakeholder governance on identity with citizens in charge together with SME (small companies) and inclusive tools from democratic...

Rob van Kranenburg: This is a tactical withdrawal.

24/02/2020 - 15:40

This is a tactical withdrawal. I In my dreamy moods I wonder and think there is only one purely rational explanation for the transition we call Internet of Things, #IoT: we are building a space ship; some organizational entity that is able to make contact with other spaceships out there. Hmm, I do admit that I have been watching all Star Wars episodes lately running up to the most recent one...

A European strategy for data

24/02/2020 - 14:18

.....In response to this, there are calls to give individuals the tools and means to decide at a granular level what is done with their data (by the MyData movement and others)31. This promises significant benefits to individuals, including to their health and wellness, better personal finances, reduced environmental footprint, hassle-free access to public and private services and greater oversight and transparency over their personal...

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Felix Uribe
Mr. Felix Uribe is an information technology (IT) security professional with extensive experience in the field of information security, cybersecurity, privacy, software development, and teaching in the private and public sectors. As an academic, he is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the...
Matteo Gazzurelli
Entrepreneur, Technology Enthusiast. With a degree in Math, he has enriched his studies with various courses and experience abroad, also at CERN in Geneva. He is an expert with iBeacon, Bluetooth and IoT technologies. He always spends time learning the technologies of the future. He...
Filippo Bianchini
Filippo Bianchini graduated in Law in 2002 at the University of Perugia; in 2006 he founded his own law firm (Studio Legale Bianchini), working in the fields of data protection & privacy, IT law, civil law and criminal law (he is interested in fighting cyberbullying). He acts as personal...

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Early 2010 Council proposed to hold very small Council meetings anywhere in the world on April 9. These can vary to having a cup of coffee with someone and talk about the Internet of Things or hosting a dinner at your place, or going for a walk on the beach, as long as it is on April 9 and about IoT. No matter where you are in the world, you can participate on #iotday on April 9th, 2017. Submit and share the details of your event at

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