Are you ready?

We believe the "winning solution" to making the most open, inclusive and innovative Internet of Things is to transcend the short-term opposition between social innovation and security by finding a way to combine these two necessities in a broader common perspective. We do a SWOT analysis to see if you are ready for IOT and if so on what level you should focus. Read more about Are you ready?

Consultancy by Council

What we offer is forecasting through prototyping (term by Ben Russell, author of Headmap), focusing on ther granularity of experience of input models, devices and experiences of people with the devices, and the quality of output that we measure in terms of real innovation in everyday life, not in a lab or ‘Living lab’. Read more about Consultancy by Council

Early expertise 2005: Bringing Innovation into RFID Applications.

In 2005 Gill Wildman (Plot) and Rob van Kranenburg hosted a seminar on RFID at the Design Council in London titled The Elephant in the Room: Bringing Innovation into RFID Applications. Read more about Early expertise 2005: Bringing Innovation into RFID Applications.

Internet of Things Research

The first requirement for building an ambient society is a debate with all stakeholders; citizens, small and medium enterprises, multinationals, semi government and government institutions on the granularity of experience that counts as input for the hard wired sensors that are the first line of picking up signals that count as data for the datamining, data, and not noise. Read more about Internet of Things Research

Art and the Internet of Things

Wireless is increasingly pulling in all kinds of applications, platforms, services and things (rfid) into networks. Many people communicate through mobiles, blackberries, digital organizers, palmtops. Cars become information spaces with navigational systems and consoles like Nintendo DS have wireless capacities and get linux kernels installed.

Liam Bannon at Interact, blogged by Florian Michahell

In his Mobile Internet of Things Blog, Florian Michahelles writes "Liam Bannon commented on how industry has changed, he gave the example of a senior executive who has changed his instructions from "evaluate" (something the company has developed) over "develop" and "explore" to "come up with something interesting". Liam outlined herewith a clear shift from industry-driven to user-driven research."

Design and Meaning

Our experiences today, though intimate, are increasingly networked, interconnected and part of our greater whole and thus today require a new kind of book, software or sense of a city to talk about them. Design and technology should be about the one thing sorely lacking in either, about creating meaning for people and for people’s lives. Why won’t a video game make you cry when a 40 year old film will? Design should be like a good book, intimate, and ultimately human-centred. Read more about Design and Meaning

Reassembling Health: exploring the role of The Internet of Things


This workshop was held in 2009 during the Council launch. A report of this workshop is published in the Journal of Participatory Medicine, by Cristiano Storni.



This workshop was held in 2009 during the Council launch. This workshop was moderated by Alexandra Deschamps- Sonsino.

Smart homes have generally been more successful in concept than in execution or in-home use. This problem is usually not one of technology, but of interaction and interface design - we can build a Smart Home, but who wants to use it? And how do they use it?  Read more about Homesense,!

Can Elves Live With Dwarves Without Trolls? Futures of the internet of Things, Summ()n

This workshop was held in 2009 during the Council launch, by Slava Kozlov of Summn.

Interactive role-playing workshop to explore possible futures of the Internet of Things. During the workshop the teams will construct their own versions of the future IoT by taking a few specific 'roles' and following a special 'gameplay', collaborative and competitive at the same time.  

Making an MBA profile for IoT

This workshop was held in 2009 during the Council launch.

The question of how to store, interpret, and use relevant information will be one of the most important in the coming decades with the increasing merging of analogue and digital situations, systems, and contexts. Not only computers, nut our whole environment is becoming smarter because computing power and connectivity disappear into it. What will business and cultural industry look like in such an environment? How will this changing environment will be translated into educational concepts? Read more about Making an MBA profile for IoT

Tools for mediation in the IoT


This workshop was run during the Council launch in 2009.

In this workshop we will work with the premisse that vertical institutions will break under the weight of the internet based decision possibilities of evergrowing groups of people organizing themselves on all kinds of specific topics. How can we help existing institutions and power nodes to transform into a networked form of a variety of heterogeneous forms of organisation that need mediation? Read more about Tools for mediation in the IoT

The Sensing City, with Plot


This workshop to explore Internet of things at the scale of the City was run during the Council launch in 2009, by Gill Wildma of Plot.

Most of us will be living in cities in the future, and cities are a scale of operating most of us don't often get a chance to think at. Many cities are expanding exponentially – some 70 million people leave rural areas every year to join nearby cities, the majority to join squatter cities. At the same time brand new cities, such as Masdar - a carbon neutral city in Abu Dhabi - are being built right now. Read more about The Sensing City, with Plot