The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things or in short form “IoT” is a term covering the near future situation where everything will be connected. Both everyday things, like cars, tv’s and washing machines. But also industrial things like pumps, shipping containers, and machinery.

All these connected things combined with cloud and mobile devices, will bring on a new kind of society. A connected society.

Why is this important for me, you might ask ?

Imagine the world before and after the internet. The internet has transformed our lives, and your business. Online sales channels. New products. Online marketing and social media. Data driven innovation. New competitors. New efficiencies. All of this and much more, all caused by the internet. It has indeed transformed the world.

IoT is having a similar transformative effect. It will be a profound opportunity for new business, innovation and efficiencies. It will also mean that your organization will have to adopt new technology and transform how you do business.

The impact of Internet of Things will be different from organization to organization, the successful business strategies will be unique and the new valuable offerings to customers - personalized.

This is the new S-curve - and we’re here to give you a head start.