Telematics Berlin 2016: The ‘Sharing Economy’ Goes B2B: Data Exchanges Power Growth

Is the idea of the data exchange simply automotive’s answer to the sharing economy? With people seeing huge revenues from the utilisation of dormant assets, such as cars and empty rooms; are the stakeholders in transportation beginning to view their data in the same way.

This expert analysis of a poll conducted across 450+ European automotive executives will give you a rare insight into how two of the key players in the industry, BMW’s Ulrich Fastenrath and Volvo’s David Holecek, see the future unfolding and their detailed opinions on the findings.

To benchmark where your company is at present and learn how to become more data-literate and ensure your place in automotive’s future make sure you’re at Telematics Berlin 2016 (17th – 18th May, Hotel Berlin, Berlin).