René Paré: Eindhoven (NL) Hackathon on March 19-20

The Living Data Game Challenge is a two-day event where people with technical, design, and creative backgrounds join forces to tinker new solutions through collaborative development. The goal? To create playful applications for the municipality of Eindhoven, to inspire and challenge people to become more active, aware, social and happy!

Public space is an important ingredient in the concept of a livable and healthy city. Open data and digital communication have given new perspectives to the design of public space. It allows transparency, participation, collaboration and opportunities to the people. During the hackathon you will research the Heartbeat of the City, finding a way to make Eindhoven an even more exciting place by making IT useful in a playful way.

The Living Data Game Challenge offers an exciting journey to undiscovered playgrounds. You and your team will be given a real challenge, and you will need your creative mind to find a solution. Registration for the event is free. Hack your way to the grand prize and make a difference!