Rawlson King: 500 million biometric sensors projected for “Internet of Things” by 2018

Source: "The “Internet of Things” can be defined as a diffuse layer of devices, sensors, and computing power that overlays the entire Internet.
Traditionally, the Internet has been defined only by computing and networking equipment, but now the “Internet of Things” paradigm proposes the inclusion  of a wider array of devices, once overlooked.
This new paradigm will potentially connect any electro-mechanical device to the Internet with identifying devices or machine-readable instruments. For instance, business may no longer run out of stock or generate waste products, as they could know exactly which products consumers need. A person’s ability to interact with objects could be altered remotely based on immediate or present needs, with this in mind.
Biometrics Research Group, Inc. estimates that the “Internet of Things” will account for an increasingly large number of connections, from nearly two billion devices today, climbing to nine billion connections by 2018."