Raitis Smits

Raitis Smits is artist, curator and researcher on new media culture and networked arts. Currently he works as Assistant Professor in Visual communication department at the Latvian Academy of Arts, where he also is a PhD candidate - his thesis is on "Problematics of preserving and representing new media art".

Together with Rasa Smite, he is a key founder of E-Lab - electronic arts laboratory (1996) and RIXC - artist collective and new media cultural center (2000) in Riga. Raitis Smits is also founder and curator of annual Art+Communication festivals in Riga (since 1996), that introduces  novel themes such as internet radio (1998), locative media (2003), electromagnetic waves as material and medium in art (2006), spectral ecology (2007), art and renewable energy (2009), transbiotics (2010), techno-ecologies (2011), and, more recently - art of resilience (2012).