Pierrick Thébault

Pierrick Thébault is a design researcher and practioner interested in the creation of new types of applications coupling Web services with everyday products or environments. At Bell Laboratories, he worked on the definition of applications enabling the functional exposition, control or enhancement of artifacts that embed information processing capabilities, as well as on the design of Internet-enabled products, whose functions can be “augmented” and adapted to better support users’ changing needs. His Ph.D. research, which is at the intersection of Design Science, Ubiquitous Computing and Human-Computer Interactions, highlights the need to build a user-centered application model and to explore the intelligibility and control issues rose by the integration of applications into products. It led him to define and evaluate, through practice, principles for the design of augmented products’ form and interactions. He will defend his Ph.D. at Arts et Métiers ParisTech (France) on May 31th, 2013, and looking forward to pursuying his research on Internet of Things through a postdoc.