Patrick Gray: Invasion of the Internet of Things

Source: „While the Internet of Things (IoT) should not be an unfamiliar term to most IT executives, many consider it primarily a consumer technology that's dominated by smart watches and refrigerators that will tweet when you’re out of milk. Many of the IoT concepts have indeed targeted the consumer, but most of the major technology innovations of the past several years have originated in the consumer space, and the IoT is no exception.
One of the biggest impacts to the enterprise is that the number and variety of devices connecting to your networks and potentially consuming IT resources is likely to increase exponentially. Consider that the typical enterprise today has one or two devices per user. If that enterprise lacks a BYOD policy, those devices might be part of a dozen or so potential configurations powered by a handful of operating systems. As BYOD becomes more widespread, the per-user device count could jump to three or four devices, as personal laptops, tablets, and smartphones complement the corporate-issued laptop.”