Nihal Kashinath
: IoTBLR is now the largest IoT-focused meetup community in the world!

As a very promising start to 2016, we are thrilled to announce that IoTBLR is now the largest IoT-focused meetup community in the world!

We are really grateful for the incredible support from you all, our amazing community of IoT developers, entrepreneurs, working professionals, students, researchers, investors and hobbyists, who helped us reach this position by actively participating in various events, workshops, hackathons and projects that we have regularly hosted.

On this occasion, we renew our commitment to the creation and deployment of IoT solutions. Going forward, we are focusing our efforts on 3 critical areas of IoT:

1 Learning and skill development programmes - As the IoT wave grows and more startups as well as established companies develop IoT solutions, there will be a major shortage of skilled resources. To prepare for this, we will be launching a slew of IoT courses, workshops and programmes to help build the necessary human (and machine) capital that a growing IoT ecosystem needs. We will also conduct more makeathons and hackathons this year, please be ready for the announcement of our next makeathon tomorrow!

2 Entrepreneur support - Although Bangalore has one of the largest IoT communities globally, it has not translated into much entrepreneurial success. Going forward, we will be spending more of our time on entrepreneur education, sharing critical information, and making necessary connections locally as well as globally to help entrepreneurs get access to top technology, talent, manufacturing resources, markets, etc.

3 Applied R&D projects - IoTBLR has always taken on ambitious projects and executed them in a failure-tolerant environment, encouraging innovative thinking and open sourcing of knowledge gained in the process. We will be increasing the number of projects that we will work on in 2016, and hope to create great impact in areas of healthcare, smart city, wearables, agriculture, communications, and anything else really.

While we increase our focus on these 3 areas, we will continue to work with companies, industry bodies, makerspaces, universities, governments, and other organisations in India and abroad to drive adoption of IoT technologies and help the local ecosystem mature.