Mohana Ravindranath: Some see possible drawbacks in ‘Internet of Things’

Source: "The Pew Research Center recently asked nearly 12,000 people — selected Internet experts and members of the public — to predict how the network of connected devices, sensors and electronics known as the “Internet of Things” might affect their lives.
They raised two major concerns: first, that consumers will need to actively protect the data generated by their devices, and second, that the Internet of Things might create a “digital divide” between the tech-savvy and new users.
Out of the group of 12,000 people that Pew canvassed, about 1,900 responded. Pew asked respondents whether they thought the Internet of Things would have widespread and beneficial effects on the everyday lives of the public by 2025 (83 percent said yes), what potential barriers to adoption are, and where the commercial and social applications would be, among other open-ended questions."