Meryem Simsek: IEEE “Tactile Internet” Standards

IEEE “Tactile Internet” Standards

We are delighted announce the approval of the creation of a new IEEE standards group on the topic of the “Tactile Internet”. This new standards group is numbered IEEE 1918.1. The group will address standardization of a number of aspects of the Tactile Internet as a 5G and beyond application, creating the toolbox and tools that will be able to achieve the challenging technical characteristics of the Tactile Internet (e.g., ultra-low latency, ultra-high reliability), as well as its visionary usage scenarios. The Tactile Internet is an enabling technology for the remote control of virtual and real objects—in real-time and from any location—involving the conveyance of touch-related information over the Internet, e.g., for haptic clothing. The Tactile Internet will expand the user experience of the Internet from merely the transfer of visual, audio, control-related information and other data, to the transfer and use of manual skills over the Internet through touch information and control actions in response to that touch. More information on the Tactile Internet can be found here and here.
The initial (baseline) standard, which will be the first work item of this group, aims to cover the following topics:
·         Deployment/application scenarios, use cases, for the Tactile Internet,
·         Definitions and terminology in the scope of the Tactile Internet,
·         Technical assumptions for the Tactile Internet,
·         Architecture and reference model for the Tactile Internet,
·         Functional capabilities for the Tactile Internet.
Further, this new working group aims to provide an overall structure (umbrella/facilitator) under which a range of further standards in the scope of the Tactile Internet may be formed. Hence, please feel free to respond to this email if you have suggestions on possible future work items for this standards working group.
If you wish to participate in this new IEEE Tactile Internet standards working group, please proceed through the following steps:
1.       Go to:
2.       Log in with your IEEE user name and password, making sure “myProject” is selected in the drop-down box
3.       Click “Manage Activity Profile”
4.       Click the “+” next to “IEEE Communications Society”, then the “+” next to “Standards Development Board”
5.       Click the check box next to “Tactile Internet”
6.       Click “CONTINUE”
7.       Enter your affiliation
8.       Confirm the prompt on the next page
Please also email Oliver Holland (oliver.holland at to inform that you have done this. The “Subject” field of your email should be “Joined Tactile Internet”.
Note, this group will have its kick-off meeting at (or close to) IEEE ICC 2015, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on the 27-28 May. If you register your participation as above you will be kept updated on the planning for this meeting.