Abby Margolis

Abby is director of research at Claro Partners. She has a natural talent of making sense of people’s behaviours and... more

Abdur Rahim Biswas is project manager of EU FP7 large integrated project,... more

Adam Greenfield is an American writer and urbanist, based in New York City. From 2008 to 2010 he was Nokia's... more
Adrian McEwen
Adrian McEwen is a technologist and entrepreneur based in Liverpool. He has been connecting devices to the... more

Agustín Peláez is the cofounder of Ubidots. He is also writing his Master's thesis at Grenoble Graduate School of... more

Ajit Jaokar is the founder of the London based publishing and research company futuretext ( more

Alan Munro is an consultant researcher studying people, use of new technologies, and interactions through them. His... more

Aldo de Jong

Aldo is co-founder of Claro Partners; a consultancy which helps corporations and startups to navigate disruptive... more

Despite being tempted by other disciplines, Alex decided to explore the esoteric world of computer science, mainly... more

Alex is a senior researcher at the University of Surrey, where he works on real world information infrastructures... more

Alexandru Iovanovici is a PhD student at the "Politehnica" University of Timisoara working in the area of bio-... more

Alexey Andrushevich

Alexey Andrushevich is a bridge builder, between academia and industry, between theory and practice, between East... more

Alok b. Nandi, born in Congo and raised in Zaïre, is now based in Brussels, where he has studied civil engineering,... more

Anders Mellbratt

Anders is an Interaction Designer with a broad perspective on what those interactions to be designed may be. He... more

Andrés García Higuera

Andrés García Higuera is Electric and Electronics Engineer for the Polytechnical University of Madrid, 1991.... more

Angela Tumino

Angela Tumino, Ph.D., is Assistant Professor at the Department of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering... more

Ann Light

Ann Light is professor in Northumbria University’s School of Design, with a background in qualitative research... more

Antonio Jara

Antonio J. Jara is at the Intelligent Systems and Telematics Research Group of the University of Murcia (UMU) from... more

Dr. Anxo Cereijo Roibás is Principal User Experience Research & Design Consultant and founder of Acanda Ltd. He... more

Arjen Sondag is an Interaction Designer, researcher and artist concentrating on physical interaction design, smart... more

Arne Jansen graduated cum laude at K.U.Leuven obtaining a master's degree in Communication Science. To gain a... more

Arnold Roosendaal
Arnold Roosendaal (PhD, LLM) is a research scientist specialist at TNO with a specific expertise in the field of... more
Bas Boorsma

Bas Boorsma currently serves as a director at Cisco’s strategic global consultancy arm, runs various Internet of... more

Ben Bashford is a born and bred Londoner and has been designing and building stuff with the internet since it was... more

Ben Schouten graduated from the Rietveld Art Academy in 1983 and worked as a professional artist. He found himself... more

Ben van Lier

Dr. Ben van Lier CMC is Account Director Government at Centric, a Dutch ICT company with offices in Belgium, Norway... more

Bill Morrish
William R. Morrish is a meso-urbanist and professor of Urban ecologies, Parsons the The New School of Design, NY... more
Bruno Cendon

Bruno Cendon is a telecom engineer with a large background on the mobile industry that completely changed the scope... more

Chris Hand is an interaction designer specialising in physical computing, hacking and prototyping, and a co-founder... more

Chris Speed

Chris Speed is Reader in Digital Spaces at the Edinburgh College of Art / University of Edinburgh and part of... more

Christian Nold is the Creative Director of Softhook Design which is working to develop new participatory models for... more

Christian Überall
Dr. Christian Überall graduated in Media Informatics at the University of Applied Sciences Gießen-Friedberg,... more
Christoph Laib
Christoph Laib is the founder of the Virtual institute for Open Systems.
He is a early... more
Claire Rowland

Claire Rowland is a user experience designer and researcher with a particular interest in service design for... more

Claudiu is a landscape architect from Timisoara, Romania. He is interested in reviving the urban landscape by... more

Currently at the Digital Cultures... more

Cristiano Storni is Lecturer and Researcher in Interaction Design (ID) and Science and Technology Studies (STS) at... more

Damir Čaušević
I have 13+ years of an experience, split into Pharma and IT. Have been working for almost 6 years in the... more

Retired naval Lieutenant Commander currently living in the U.S. Information Technology professional for the last 15... more

David Smits is entrepreneur and independent consultant in Internet technology. He is the founder of Mobi.Ubiq, an... more

W. David Stephenson has earned an international reputation as a Gov./Enterprise 2-3.0... more

Dennis Pfisterer

Dennis Pfisterer is a senior researcher and tenured lecturer at the University of Lübeck, Germany. His areas of... more

Djordje Djokic LL.M.

Djordje Djokic LL.M. is a European privacy and data protection law expert, researcher and speaker. He works for... more

DK Matai

DK Matai is an engineer turned serial entrepreneur, value investor and philanthropist with a keen interest in the... more

Dominique is a researcher at the Institute for Pervasive Computing of ETH Zurich and a Research Associate for SAP... more

Dr. Jonah Brucker-Cohen
Dr. Jonah Brucker-Cohen is an award winning researcher, artist, and writer. He received his Ph.D. in the... more
Duško Martić

Dusko Martic is a research fellow within Law,Science and Technology PhD EM program... more

Dustin Eirdosh

Dustin Eirdosh has held multiple positions within agriculture and education. From organic vegetables to sheep's milk... more

Ebru Zeybrek

Ebru has been graduated from Electronics engineering in 2001 and has been involved in projects in defense industries... more

Elen Rozhkova

I was born in Moscow at 1984. I graduated Moscow college with honors in 2003 as a programmer. In 2006 I  graduated... more

Erfan Naghsh
Erfan Naghsh is a third year student in software engineering, Faculty of computer, University of Isfahan,... more
Eric van der Linden

Eric van der Linden started his wired career at an internal education program... more

Erik Geelhoed - with a background in psychology - worked at Hewlett-Packard Research Laboratories, Bristol from 1991... more

Erin Anzelmo presently lives in Brussels. She studied her master's degree in International Law (LL.M.) where her... more

Fabio Fernandes

Fabio Fernandes is a Cyberspace and Science Fiction researcher and writer. PhD in Communication and Semiotics (PUC-... more

Fabio Mazzola was born in 1982. He's studying TLC engineering. He's specialized in RFID Technology and works for a... more

Federico Bonelli (fredd)
Federico Bonelli (fredd)
lives in Holland since 2002
His expertise is “creative... more

Felipe Fonseca is a brazilian media activist and researcher working on technological appropriation, low tech... more

Flavio Maeda is a Mechatronic Engineer and an IT entrepreneur. Mechatronic engineering is a combination of Mechanical,... more

Florian Michahelles is the global research coordinator of the... more

Francesca Bria is currently aTeaching Associate and... more
Francesca Murtas

Francesca Murtas is an interaction design and user researcher, based in Italy, who loves to blend different types of... more

Francisco Maroto
Francisco Maroto is Managing Director and founder at OIES Consulting, a M2M and IoT Advisory Services company.... more

Frank Kresin is head of research at Waag Society, an Amsterdam based media lab developing creative technology for... more

Fred Yeboah

I am an open-minded, friendly and resourceful Software Engineer with a sound and optimistic outlook on all things in... more

George is an independent technologist & entrepreneur with more than ten years of experience in the wider mobile... more

Gérald Santucci

In July 2012 Gérald Santucci was appointed Head of the Unit Knowledge Sharing at the the European Commission... more

Ghislaine Boddington

Ghislaine is a specialist in body responsive technologies, recognised internationally as a thought leader and a ... more

Gill is a Director at Plot, and has been quietly exploring the softer side of the Internet Of Things, through... more

Gillan Ward

Gillan Ward focuses on promoting technology as an enabler, while attempting to ensure that creativity is not lost in... more

Giovanni Battista Pozza
Giovanni Battista Pozza is a coach for individuals or teams and he founded Coacheenella in 2011. Coacheenella... more

Giulio Coraggio is a partner in the Intellectual Property & Technology group of the international law firm DLA... more

Gopalakrishnan V K (Gopal)
Gopal is a global business leader with close to two decades of hands on... more
Hans-Jürgen Kugler

Hans-Jürgen Kugler is Chief Scientist of Kugler Maag Cie GmbH, an independent, international consulting company,... more

Harris Moysiadis

Harris Moysiadis, Business Development Manager in Future Intelligence graduated from Athens University of Economics... more

Helen holds a Masters in Computer Related Design from the Royal College of Art. She enjoys exploring the boundaries... more

Hossein Firooz
Hossein Firooz is a second year student on software engineering, working on Semantic Web (XML-Rdf-SparQL-... more

Ian Lawrence is a founder member of the Ubuntu Brazil community and a member of the Open Web Foundation which is an... more

Ian Schulte is Director of Technology & Business Development at Latitude, where he guides the company's growth... more

Dr. Juan Ignacio (a.k.a. Iñaki) Vazquez is CEO at Symplio, a recently... more

Irene López de Vallejo

Somewhere between sociology, architecture and technology, Irene likes to engage with embedded technology thinkers... more

Irene Mavrommati is a lecturer (Hellenic Open University- School of Applied Arts) with a background in experience/... more

Isaac Mao is a philosopher on Sharism, social entrepreneur, blogger, software architect and researcher in learning... more

Iskander Smit

Iskander Smit works as strategy director, one of the oldest internet agencies in the Netherlands. Based in... more

Ivan Kireev
Ivan Kireev is Cloud computing Director at Information Technology Cluster, Skolkovo Foundation
 ... more

Jaap-Henk Hoepman is senior scientist at TNO and associate professor of computer science at the Radboud University... more

James Clardy

James is an Austin, Texas based technology strategist and global business development executive, with a history of... more

James Moulding

James Moulding is a Community Manager at, an... more

Currently CEO of Access Space Network, for more than a decade James has developed and led action research exploring... more

Jan Merckx is UHF Gen2 RFID expert, coFounder of Time2Trace (T2T) focussed RFID solutions with a vision to move... more

Jane Tingley

Jane Tingley is an Assistant Professor in Hybrid Media in the Department of Fine Arts and the Stratford Campus at... more

Denis Roio, aka Jaromil, is a researcher in philosophy of technology and a software artisan.

He has created... more

Jason Hsu


Jason Hsu is an educator, design thinker, storyteller and most of all a learner of Nature. Started off... more
Jeannette Chin

Jeannette Chin PhD, is Senior Lecturer at the Department of Computing and Technology, Anglia Ruskin University, UK.... more

Jens Geelhaar

Prof. Dipl. Chem., Jens Geelhaar is Chair of Interface Design Bauhaus-University Weimar. He is teaching... more

Jeremy Pesner

Jeremy Pesner is interested in how technology enables advances in society and human behavior, from the micro level (... more

My labor history started as service engineer, followed by IT infrastructure consultant and my current role is sales... more

Jessi Baker

Jessi Baker is a Designer & Technologist exploring concepts for the future of the Internet and the evolution of... more

Our experiences today are increasingly networked, interconnected and systemic, and so require a new kind of book,... more

Jim Morrish
Jim Morrish is a Founder and the Chief Research Officer of Machina Research, the world's leading provider of... more
Jiri Vermeulen

Jiri is a strategic designer and researcher at Claro Partners. He has a strong interest in the intersection of... more

Jiu Jin (Tommy) Hong is an embedded software engineer keeping updates for the internet of things development and... more

Jo Caudron is a digital entrepreneur and "internet ancien" in Belgium. He started his first digital agency in 1993... more

Joachim Lindborg

Currently CTO of, I'm a technology enthusiast that believe... more

Joaquin Ernesto Aparicio Hernandez

My labor experience include: DELL. Engineer for Enterprise Solutions. Advisor of servers solutions, storage... more

Joël Gähwiler
Joël Gähwiler is programmer, designer and hardware hacker and is writing his Master’s thesis at the Zurich... more
John Post

John Post has a vast expertise on social innovation, knowledge management and the use of technology for social goals... more

Jonathan Carter

Based in Amsterdam and with nearly 30 years of experience in Advanced technology Jonathan is the Technical director... more

Jop Esmeijer

Jop Esmeijer is an innovator and researcher at the strategy department of... more

Jörg von Brandis

Jörg von Brandis is founder and director of Networkservice. He started as a distributor of Deutsche Telekom,... more

 Jorge Berzosa

Jorge works as a researcher and project manager at IK4-Tekniker technological centre. He has a love-hate... more

José Carlos Junqueira

Master and PhD (in progress) in Intelligence Technologies and Digital Design at... more

Josh Birdwell

Josh Birdwell is an undergraduate at Oklahoma State University studying Electrical Engineering. His passion for RFID... more

Josiah Tullis

Born and raised near Portland, OR, Josiah a student with a focus in emerging technologies and the Singularity. His... more

Joy Tang is the Founder of oneVillage Foundation, a global nonprofit organization using innovative approach to... more

Juergen Wege

Jürgen Wege is an entrepreneur and independent consultant in IT-Technology and founder of the AALIOT project. Jürgen... more

Julian Bleecker is a designer, technologist and researcher at the Design Strategic Projects studio at Nokia Design... more

Julius Akinyemi
Julius Akinyemi is the initiator of Unleashing the Wealth of Nations project and the Resident Entrepreneur at... more
Justin McKeown

Dr Justin McKeown is senior lecturer in Fine Art at York St John University, UK. His research critically explores... more

Karel Vandenbroucke
Karel Vandenbroucke holds a Master’s degree in Communication Sciences (2013, Ghent University) and is currently... more

Karim Amrani is Director at Jibly, developing new concepts, that... more

Karmen is head of Interaction Design at Zurich University of the Arts since 2011. She joined this university in 2006... more

 Kasra Khosravi
Kasra Khosravi is a GIS Technologist, graduated... more

Katherine is Assistant Professor of Media Design School of Art, Media, and Technology Parsons the New School for... more

Kati London

Kati London has worked at the intersection of networked sensors and data, real world games, and civic code. For her... more

Ken Sinclair
Ken Sinclair is the publisher / owner / founder  of, an online magazine and web resource... more

Kristina Höök is Professor in Human-Machine Interaction at Department of Computer and Systems Sciences, Stockholm... more

Krzysztof Lewandowski

Krzysztof presently lives in Stargard, Poland. Open minded Internet enthusiast and networking specialist always... more

Lars Erik Holmquist is Professor in Media Technology at Södertörn University, manager of the Interaction Design and... more

Lauren Bowker is the creative director and head shaman of PHNX an innovative design house that focuses on Seeing The... more

Lawrence Ampofo

Lawrence is the Founder and Director at Semantica Research. Located in London and Barcelona, Semantica Research... more

Liam Bannon has previously held the positions of Director of the IDC and Professor of Computer Science, Dept. of... more

Liesbeth Huybrechts is doing a Phd research in Cultural Studies on the use of new media as critical things in... more

Linda Keane

Linda Keane, AIA, artist, architect and academic, is passionate about greening public imagination. She combines a... more

Liu Yongmou is an associate professor at School of Philosophy, Remin University of China, Beijing, PRC, a part-time... more

Lorenzo Cassulo is an Italian entrepreneur who works with... more

Lorna Goulden is the director of Creative Innovation Works, a networked innovation consultancy specialised in... more
Louisa Heinrich
Louisa is passionate about making connections for humans. Her company, Superhuman Limited, works with startups,... more
Maira Begalli
Brazilian activist, works in collaborative... more

Artist-Engineer Marc Böhlen aka RealTechSupport (CH/US/CA) offers the kind of support technology really needs.... more

Marc Chareyron
Marc is a French entrepreneur with fifteen years experience in the digital world. He is the co-founder of Enero... more
Marc Pous
Marc Pous is a computer engineer, founder, IoT evangelist and blogger. He is the founder of theThings.IO, the... more
Marcos Eguillor
Marcos Eguillor is Founder and Managing Partner of BinaryKnowledge_ (... more

Marcus Kirsch is Artist, Consultant, Designer ProjectManager and Programmer. He holds a BA in Graphic Design, an MA... more

Marcus Taylor

Marcus Taylor is a lateral thinker who is passionate and optimistic about the future; creativity is the catalyst in... more

Maria Zendrera

Maria Zendrera is an Artist and Researcher on how new technologies like the Iot, and social media are affecting... more

Born in 1977 in Paris, Marie-Noéline Viguie is an expert in facilitation, cultural mediation, management in... more

Mario Di Floriano is managing director of Eximia, a leading supplier of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) ... more

Marleen Wynants (1958) is an independent journalist, publicist and consultant. She worked as music producer and... more

Martijn de Waal is a writer and researcher, who has specialized in the... more

Martin Paul Smelt is an executive and entrepeneur who has more than 15 years experience in the  IT publishing... more

Martin Pot is an independent interior-architect and researcher in Rotterdam, has finished study at Technical School... more

Martin Spindler

Martin Spindler is a freelance strategy consultant focusing on the Internet of Things, the Future of Energy, and how... more

Matt Ratto is an Assistant Professor and director of the Critical Making lab in the Faculty of Information at the... more

Matthew DiFrancesco
Matthew DiFrancesco is an entrepreneur located in the United States.  His background is engineering enterprise... more

Maurits Kreijveld carries out a foresight study on Wisdom of... more

Megan Ellis

Megan is a strategic designer and researcher at Claro Partners. She is experienced in using ethnographic research to... more

Michael Koster

Michael Koster has been building infrastructure for ubiquitous computing and putting things on the Internet for 15... more

Michael Leiser

Michael Leiser specializes in  digital strategy and transformation for international organizations.  Recently, his... more

Miguel Rodrigues

Miguel Rodrigues is Executive Vice President and responsible for Corporate Marketing at Living PlanIT. He is co-... more

Mikel Larrañaga

Mikel Larrañaga is a telecommunication engineer which has been working as a researcher in IK4-Tekniker for the last... more

Mirko Presser

Mirko Presser is the Head of Research and Innovation for the Smart City Lab at the Alexandra Institute working on... more

Mirko Ross

Mirko Ross is the cofounder of echolot digital worx. Since 1998, he is an open source evangelist, working on several... more

Mohammad Rasool Akhavan Sarraf
Mohammad Rasool Akhavan Sarraf was borned in Isfahan/Iran in May 1995.
He is an undergraduate... more
Mohammadamin Barekatain
Mohammadamin Barekatain is a B.Sc student in Computer Engineering at University of Isfahan, which is among the... more
Mohammadreza Rezvan
Mohammadreza Rezvan is a second year student in hardware engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of... more
Molly Hankwitz

Molly Hankwitz lives in San Francisco, California. She founded the design and research collaboration, Archimedia in... more

Mr.&Mrs.Gray are artist duo Jeroen van der Linde en Carmen Hutting. They work and live together in Den Haag... more

Natacha Roussel creates organic like haptic interfaces involving one or several users they can be body extension or... more

Nathalie Stembert

Nathalie graduated in September 2011 from the Delft University of Technology, where she received her MSc in Design... more

Neji Kouka
Neji Kouka  was born in Mahdia, Tunisia, in 1985. He received the Higher National Diploma degree in... more
Nicola Fabiano
NICOLA FABIANO has been a Lawyer since 1993 and is a Counsel of Italian High Courts and Civil Law Specialist. He... more

Nicolas is CTO and co-founder of, a company offering smart environments and a platform to operate all kind of... more

Nicolas Nova is a both a researcher interested in field studies for design and a consultant working for Lift lab, a... more

Nik Bessis

Nik is a full-time Professor of Computer Science and Director of Distributed and Intelligent Systems (DISYS)... more

Nora O Murchú is a researcher and curator. She has recently completed her PhD at the University of Limerick. Her... more

Oleg Kruk
Oleg has the postgraduate education on “Devices, systems and products of medical assignment”, and received Ph.D... more
Oliver Rack
Oliver Rack is rooted in journalism (print/tv) and public affairs. As a networker he loves to merge competencies... more
Olivier Mével
Olivier founded in 1995, with Philippe Feinsilber, one of the first digital agency. In 2003, he co-founded with... more

Dr. Paolo Barattini, MD PhD, after working as a Researcher in human Physiology and Circadian rhyhtms in Salt Lake... more

Paulo Rosa is an engineer and researcher with a passion for digital technologies. He is currently finalising his... more

Peter made his mark as a Technologist at O'Reilly Media and a blogger for Make Magazine, where he celebrated hacking... more

Peter van Waart is interested human values-centered design of meaningful products, services and environments. His... more

Petra Sundström
Petra Sundström is these days Chief Science Officer at ayond, a flexible digital agency offering strategy,... more

Philippe de Matteis, MSC (Physics and AI), MBA, founder, CEO and Senior consultant at DMPH consulting, he has been... more

Founder of P1 Security and Senior Researcher for Telecom Security Task Force. Philippe Langlois has proven expertise... more

Pierpaolo, aka yrz, got involved in a number of opensource projects, among them it's worth to remember... more

Pierre Metivier Forum SMSC et blog "Avec ou sans contact"

A French citizen by birth and a world citizen by heart, Pierre Métivier is the General Manager of the... more

Pierrick Thébault

Pierrick Thébault is a design researcher and practioner interested in the creation of new types of applications... more

Pramod Anantharam

Pramod Anantharam is a research at the Ohio Center of Excellence in Knowledge-enabled Computing (Kno.e.sis) where he... more

R Venkatesha Prasad

R Venkatesha Prasad completed PhD from IISc, Bangalore, India in 2004. During PhD research, a scalable VoIP... more

Raffaele Giaffreda

Raffaele Giaffreda is the Head of Smart IoT research activities at CREATE-NET and Project Coordinator of EU FP7... more

A semiologist by training he accidentally fell in networked devices and online services 25 years  ago and never left... more

Rafik Dammak

Rafik Dammak is young Tunisian working as computer engineer at Telecom operator (and still free thinker) and living... more

Raitis Smits

Raitis Smits is artist, curator and researcher on new media culture and networked... more

Ranjeet Mankikar

Ranjeet has thirteen years of experience in semiconductor industry specifically in the SoC space which is now... more

Rasa Smite

Rasa Smite is artist, network researcher and cultural innovator, working with science... more

Ravikumar Joghee


Ravikumar Joghee is a Board Member of ARNIOT Solutions, an IoT company with focus on Real-Time... more

Régine Debatty blogs on, contributes to several European design and art magazines and... more

Renato Stefani
Renato graduated in Mechatronics Engineering and later specialized in Exponential Technologies and Futurism at... more

Ricardo Murer holds a Bachelor´s degree in Computer Science (USP) and  Master´s degree in Communication and Arts (... more

Richard Pope

Richard is Co-Founder and Managing Director of Procurement Leaders, a global membership network serving senior... more

Rick Bouter

Rick Bouter, BSc (Economics),is a media and technology enthusiast which is passionate about the Internet of Things.... more

Rob van Kranenburg

Rob van Kranenburg wrote The Internet of Things.... more

Roger Strukhoff
Roger Strukhoff is Founder and Executive Director of the Tau Institute for Global ICT Studies, with... more
Roy Bachar

Roy is an executive and entrepreneur who has more than twenty years experience in software, internet and telecom.... more

Sally A. Applin is a Ph.D. Candidate at the University of Kent at Canterbury, UK, in the Centre for Social... more

Samantha Lynch
Samantha Lynch is a doctoral student of the School of Materials, University of Manchester and a member of the... more
Sammy Shen

Deputy General Manager from Sensing China Center (SCC)-- the leading and core IOT... more

Santosh Putchala
Santosh Putchala is a strategy consulting professional with interests in the convergence of technology, privacy... more

Sean Dodson is teaching Journalism and writing for the Guardian. He was among the first to write about the Internet... more

Selwyn Piramuthu received his PhD (Information Systems) from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign.... more

Shane Mitchell

Shane Mitchell is leading Internet of Everything programmes at Cisco’s strategic global consultancy arm. With two... more

Simona Sofronie is an architect and currently a PhD researcher in Urban Design at the PHL University College and... more

Slava Kozlov is founding member of Summ()n, a newly opened creative consultancy that helps people to imagine and... more

Sotoodeh Nazemroaya is a B.Sc student in Software Computer Engineering at University of Isfahan, which is one of... more
Stefan Ferber

Dr. Stefan Ferber is Director for Communities & Partner Networks in the Internet of Things and Services at Bosch... more

Stefan van Hooft
Stefan is an ICT consultant with a keen interest in sustainable, Open Source, people-driven high and low tech... more

Stéphanie Bacquère, born in 1978 in Paris, is an IT engineer involved in promotion of  digital creation and... more

Stephen G. Halliday

Steve is the President of High Tech Aid, a company based in Pittsburgh, PA providing... more

Sylvain Cottong

Throughout his career, Sylvain, who is economist by education, has worked at the crossroads of economics, society,... more

Theo Priestley

Theo Priestley is Vice President and Chief Evangelist at Software AG, a passionate storyteller of technology trends... more

Thomas Amberg

Thomas Amberg (@tamberg) is a software engineer, founder of the Internet of Things startup and organiser... more

Tijmen Wisman is a privacy-lawyer. For the past few years he worked at ECP-EPN (formerly known as ECP.NL) and the... more

Timo Arnall is a designer working with interactive products and media. Timo leads an international research project... more

Tomaž Vidonja

Tomaž Vidonja works as a business development and marketing director at ICT Technology Network Institute, a national... more

 Tristian E. Lacroix
Tristian Lacroix is the Managing Director of Indoor... more

Usman Haque is director of Haque Design + Research.... more

Vadim V. Chekletsov is working in the Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Scientific and... more

Vic Grout is Professor of Computing Futures at Glyndŵr University in the UK and Chair of the Welsh Council of... more

Victor Vina is an interaction designer working on the intersection of design research, digital craft and open... more

Weikang Wu is a master candidate majoring in wireless sensor network and M2M technology in School of Communication... more

Wolfgang Maass is full professor and chair in Information and Service Systems (ISS), faculty of Business... more

Zarrin Fatima
Zarrin Fatima: I am 22 years old and born and raised in Karachi Pakistan. I guess I have the travel bug in me,... more