Martin Serrano: 2016 FIRE Book Call for Contributions “Building the Future Internet through FIRE: A Research and Experiment based Approach”

The FIRE Board and the editorial team are glad to announce the production of the FIRE book titled “Building the Future Internet through FIRE: A Research and Experiment based Approach”. This call invites the FIRE community (FIRE Projects, FIRE facilities and FIRE experts) as well as experts from related communities to submit contributions for this book. We are also welcoming members to the Scientific Advisory Committee for this book. Send your expressions of interest and prepare your submissions!

The FIRE initiative, coordinated at the DG Connect Unit E4 in the European Commission, is considered as a key initiative within the Horizon 2020 program. Since the introduction of the Future Internet Research and Experimentation (FIRE) initiative in the FP7 ICT Work Programme Objective "The Network of the Future" back in 2007-2008, and along the subsequent programs, the FIRE initiative has grown to being a critical pillar on the design of the Internet network and services. FIRE is currently further evolving towards supporting innovation, open services interaction, interoperability, secure methods and mobile integrated services, while increasing Internet network capacity and preserving quality of networking services across the FIRE facilities. FIRE includes the emergent technologies, new paradigms and methodologies, to cope with the networks, services and applications demands in today’s more integrated Internet of everything, virtualized networks and open information systems.

Contact for contributions:

Contact for additional information:
Martin Serrano, Chair FIRE Board, Insight Centre for Data Analytics, Galway
martin.serrano(at)  2016 FIRE Board